Feng Shui is the main tool to analyze the energy of any given space and how they connect to areas of your life. Add this to the color in your home and you will experience a new level of completeness. 

Exclusively To Design believes in the art of Feng Shui and understands the nuances of color, space and energy in a home and how it affects our daily lives and aspirations. We will be posting monthly articles to review and discuss the various properties of color, form and space in your home. 

Color: Color is the kinetic foundation of our lives. It creates, it shapes and it changes our atmosphere. Color can attract or detract positive energy flow into your home. Color can visually make your space look larger or smaller, serene or electric. Adding color to a room will change the design of the space even if the furniture and decor remains the same. Each color is an expression of one of the five fengshui elements, thus there are specific guidelines on how to use color to create good feng shui energy in any space.

Here are a few descriptive definitions of the effects of color on our lives and our wellbeing. 

Red: Red is associated with fire, thus it reflects the passion, aggression, and excitement in an environment's aura. It is the most powerful color on the Feng Shui color wheel so this color should be used sparingly. If you want to create an energy boost or sexual desire to your room, use red. Since this color carries a lot of divine energy, use it sparingly for a balanced look in the room. If red is overused or used in an unbalanced way, it can promote aggressive behavior or stress. 

Orange: When the Feng Shui use of the color Red is too intense for your home or office, Exclusively to Design will accent with Yellow and Orange colors instead. 

Orange creates a social Feng Shui energy that promotes lively conversations and good times. And, of course, the beauty of Orange in all its splendor is manifested in the autumn, and you can borrow from nature's warming color palette to warm up your own home. The vibrant and happy orange color is great for anywhere you would like to have a playful, lively energy. Typically, Orange is best used in accessories and decor than in a full room of color. Orange is not best used when you need express creativity or develop your self confidence. 

Yellow: Bright yellow boosts your enthusiasm and brings a smile to your face. Associated with the sun, yellow is life giving and energizing. Exclusively to Design uses accents of yellow to add a cheery element to a room and paints a room a pale goldenrod to help a client relieve depression while earthy and spicy tones of yellow improve physical strength. 

Green: Green, a wood element, is the color of growth, so apply this element wherever you want to feel inspired or you want to inspire change. Also, apply it in an area of your home that represents the Feng Shui Bagua where you feel static and stuck. It is a perfect color for a gym or a library but not a hospice. 

Blue: Blue is the color of the ocean and the sky so it is a color that represents relaxation and reflection. The color is soothing to help ease anxiety with more of a solitary vibe than a vibe that promotes a group dynamic. 

Purple: Purple is the symbol or royalty, power and wealth so it is best used in areas where you feel deficient. Purple is spiritual so it is the perfect color for a yoga studio but can tend to be a fantasy prone color as well. 

Brown: This color is associated with an earth element in Feng Shui, so Brown is a color of stability and safety. The team at Exclusively to Design uses brown in conversation areas in a Great Room since it is a color that fosters healthy relationships.