6 Most Popular Master Bathroom Design Ideas for 2019

6 Most Popular Master Bathroom Design Ideas for 2019

Every passing year brings unique and catchy ideas that are fascinating and mesmerizing for millions of people. The inspiration behind those ideas pushes people to hire interior design Miami to do the makeover for their bathrooms. It is a fact that everything in the living room must give a fresh and pleasant feeling all day long to relax the homeowner. A bathroom design Miami has an everlasting impact on the comfort level of the home along with the resale value.

6 Most Popular Bathroom Design Ideas:

1.      Still grey is the top choice of homeowners as compared with black or other darker tones while the black is gaining popularity in light fixtures, vanities, mirrors, and other fixtures- especially with matte finishes.

2.      The bathroom is becoming personalized spaces with the basic amenities including smart showers which automatically start becoming hot, mini-fridges, automatic sinks, and built-in blue tooth speaker system.

3.      The shades of brass and gold on fixtures such as sinks and toilets. This gold plumbing will add luxury and modernity.

4.      Brand new look for bathrooms in 2019 is the industrial styled sink and vanities. The urbanized and industrial vanities best fit to smaller apartments or as hall bathroom.

5.      The resurgence of the tile pattern in new colors and textures. These tiles have a variety of shapes and textures for bathroom backsplashes or shower walls.

6.      The trend of bigger bathtubs is increasing as it ensures more space and relaxation. Along with that open showers are also the current choice of homeowners which visually increases the size of the bathroom, providing convenience to users.

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10 Clever Interior Design Tricks to Transform Your Home

10 Clever Interior Design Tricks to Transform Your Home

Do you want an interior designer Miami to revamp your home interior? In fact, modern homes need some simple tricks to transform them from ordinary to extraordinary. Any home decorator Miami would agree to this idea!So, here you go with 10 simple tricks for transforming your home:

1.     Light Soft Paints

The light colors reflect light and keep the interior illuminated. Our experienced home decorator Miami suggests using soft colors for a great interior. You can find more suggestions here.

2.     Mirrors

Mirrors can be framed in a hundred different styles to create certain effects. You may have seen window framed mirrors which give a false impression of windows.

3.     Transparent or White Furniture

This trick from an interior designer Miami is very popular. Use transparent or white furniture to create an impression of a wide interior.

4.     Plants

This is the most favorite trick of every home decorator Miami. Grow a collection of indoor plants and enjoy a lovely interior!

5.     Add a Chair

An accent chair at a corner is highly aesthetic. In fact, it has decorative functions beyond your imagination.

6.     Fairy Lights


Any interior designer Miamiwould never resist the idea of installing some fairy lights in your living room. They are just awesome!

7.     Blending Designs

Blend stripes with polka dots, flowers with plaid and so on. This is a crazy trick which looks gorgeous.

8.     Natural Object

Slip in your living room any natural object like a wicker basket, a pure wood stature, a straw ornate, etc.

9.     Creative Décor

According to our modern home decorator Miami, go creative and use your bangles, floral scarves, beads, colorful handbags,etc as decor objects.

10.    Accent Corner

Use paint or wallpaper to create an accent corner. This will be a gorgeous focal point in your home!

Quick Easy Home Decorating Ideas

Quick Easy Home Decorating Ideas

At Exclusively to Design, we try our best to offer our customers the most elegant and unique home decoration ideas. Our Modern home interior design contains a wide variety of decorations, ranging from simple paintings to a complete remodeling of your house. With our home decorating ideas, you can transform your dull and boring home into a nice and comfortable accommodation.

Move to Colorful Living

While reviewing your current floor plan, we refashion your home in a simple yet appealing manner. We transform any blank space into a vibrant living area, regardless of the fact that it is indoors or outdoors. Our home decorating ideas bringyousmart interiordesigns that add to the peace and comfort of your living. Our Modern home interior design kicks this up a notch by adding a dynamic touch to your home.

Interior Space Decoration

Having a feeling that your room needs a makeover? Exclusively to Design will refresh and enhance your room to produce a cleverly practical space with a delightful inside that carries motivation and comfort to your home. Our home decorating ideas manipulate the proportion of furniture, color, art placement, and special planning to satisfy your personal style. Study your new home that brings your life to a new level.

Home Staging

Home staging is all about displaying an image to your audience, creating the atmosphere that a potential purchaser would feel instantaneously when they enter your home. Our home decorating ideas produce that emotional stage to generate the connection. We enrich your main rooms and introduce design elements that style your space for beauty. With our Modern home interior design in mind, our team works alongside inventive solutions in décor, furniture, and interior finishes that are reasonable. We work hard to obtain that “wow factor”.

 Sarasota: A Growing Market

Sarasota: A Growing Market

According to Trulia, the Sarasota real estate market has seen a 14% increase in median home sales over the past year. We believe this dramatic growth is attributable to three simple factors: 

1) Price: Everybody likes a view. As Miami interior designers, we are constantly operating on the premise of showcasing our client's spectacular views; whether it is strategically placing mirrors to open up a space and reflect the water, or if it is simply developing a space plan that allows for comfort and relaxation in front of a nice view, we are always shaping our designs around the surrounding environment. In Sarasota, the prices per square foot currently average about $160 per square foot, while in Miami Beach, you can look to pay about $451 per square foot. Depending on the property or condo you ultimately choose, both properties will most likely have spectacular views of the water. 

2) Culture: Sarasota has a great dive bar scene and great seafood. Whether you are looking for a great oyster bar to enjoy with the family, or a pub to watch football with your buddies on Sunday, Sarasota has it. Due to the thriving culture and exceptional prices, young professionals are starting to move away from Florida's exciting, yet expensive east coast and over to the casual and more affordable west coast. As Miami interior designers, we see this movement as an opportunity for expansion. Sarasota will be developing it's own unique style during this growth period, and Exclusively To Design wants in on the action. As young people move to the west coast, there will be a huge need for a more contemporary / modern aesthetic where Sarasota interior design in the past, tended to lean more towards transitional / traditional. We will be in Sarasota in 2017 to offer unique design solutions in this ever-changing and growing market. 

3) Space: The average Sarasota home is about 1,374 square feet based on the current market trends indicated on Trulia. That being said, the average Miami Beach home is about 776 square feet. Talk about getting more of a bang for your buck! With the increased space, Sarasota interior design will have "more room to grow." Our forte in the Miami interior design market is small spaces - we love designing condos and we love coming up with creative solutions to make small spaces multi-functional and simultaneously, aesthetically appealing. In the Sarasota interior design market, we will have room to incorporate some much larger pieces in heavier woods and darker colors because the spaces will be able to handle and will need the weight.  

 Epic Miami

Epic Miami

Exclusively to Design’s favorite feature in this building is the fitness center with such a luxurious atmosphere, you want to have a cocktail and lounge on the tufted circular banquette that is clothed in rich jacquard fabrics!  Who knew!

Sleepy Time

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Sleepy Time

Are These Design Trends Ruining Sleep Quality?  Tuck.com explains how our bedrooms can effect a good night's sleep...

Exclusively to Design's idea of a peaceful slumber

Contribution by:  Tuck Community Research

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Got Kids?

Got Kids?

The kids are heading back to school so now you have time to reflect on the summer’s events and what you are going to do with the kid’s rooms while you have the time… a huge undertaking.

1000 Museum

1000 Museum

Exclusively to Design appreciates sculpture and art so much that our interior would simply complement the architecture and interior detailing.