The Miami real estate market has celebrated a boom in the residential and commercial development sector for over 5 years now. Along with the increase in 2016 property sales, there is a proportionate demand for design, space planning, and staging services. 

Exclusively to Design strives to offer a quality, personalized service to our clients. Our team focuses on helping each client with their home needs, whether it is re-organizing their current space to accommodate their growing family, or to refresh their current space with new decorative solutions or to completely re-design their new home. Exclusively to Design has also noticed a resurgence of home staging now that the Miami real estate market is flooded with new and older homes priced at an all time high. 

For instance, Chabeli Herrera of the Miami Herald reported this week that those clients in the market for a million dollar home are likely to find one in the Miami metro-area, where the supply of luxury dwellings has nearly doubled from 3.3 percent of the real estate marketplace in 2012 to nearly 6.3 percent in 2016 so says the online real estate company Trulia, in a report released Thursday. 

The Miami-Fort Lauderdale market continues to outpace the national average among the top 100 metro areas. In 2012, it grew at a 2 percent rate; in 2016 it doubled to 4 percent. 

The report singled out La Gorce in Miami Beach - once home to rapper Lil Wayne - as the neighborhood with the highest concentration of million dollar homes in South Florida as of this month. More than 96 percent of the homes on the mid-beach island south of Normandy Isle cost at least seven figures, a 29.5 percent increase from 2016.