The 52-story luxury Turnberry Ocean Club is a necessary complement to the Porsche Tower that neighbors it.  The two towers work together to provide balance to an otherwise outdated landscape. The city scape of Sunny Isles will never be the same! 


These two state-of-the-art towers on the beach will serve as the perfect picturesque backdrop to the Aventura and Williams Island area in Miami. Personally, we think what makes the Turnberry Ocean Club particularly special and innovative from a design perspective is the mere fact that these residences are equipped with plenty of storage options in a city where storage is a precious commodity!  Let's face it, everybody needs storage, especially in condominiums nestled around the city. These lucky residents of the new Turnberry Ocean club will be able to store their recreational vehicles in their own private space as well as an additional storage unit that comes with each residence. On top of the ample storage, their staff will be able to enjoy their own living quarters which feature a full bath and suite.


In terms of the décor, unlike the Porsche Building, the interior design of the Turnberry Ocean Club would be about authentic Florida and all of its natural wonder. In maintaining Carlos Zapata’s vision of a lifestyle driven, relaxed and spa-like residence we would incorporate specific paint colors, flooring, and decor throughout the home in order to integrate the indoor with the outdoor surroundings effortlessly, making everyday, feel like a spa day.


That being said, we want to take the opportunity to ask our readers and the future residents of Turnberry Ocean Club, what you would envision for the interior furnishings and decor for these spectacular residences and how would you bring the natural environment, in?