According to Trulia, the Sarasota real estate market has seen a 14% increase in median home sales over the past year. We believe this dramatic growth is attributable to three simple factors: 

1) Price: Everybody likes a view. As Miami interior designers, we are constantly operating on the premise of showcasing our client's spectacular views; whether it is strategically placing mirrors to open up a space and reflect the water, or if it is simply developing a space plan that allows for comfort and relaxation in front of a nice view, we are always shaping our designs around the surrounding environment. In Sarasota, the prices per square foot currently average about $160 per square foot, while in Miami Beach, you can look to pay about $451 per square foot. Depending on the property or condo you ultimately choose, both properties will most likely have spectacular views of the water. 

2) Culture: Sarasota has a great dive bar scene and great seafood. Whether you are looking for a great oyster bar to enjoy with the family, or a pub to watch football with your buddies on Sunday, Sarasota has it. Due to the thriving culture and exceptional prices, young professionals are starting to move away from Florida's exciting, yet expensive east coast and over to the casual and more affordable west coast. As Miami interior designers, we see this movement as an opportunity for expansion. Sarasota will be developing it's own unique style during this growth period, and Exclusively To Design wants in on the action. As young people move to the west coast, there will be a huge need for a more contemporary / modern aesthetic where Sarasota interior design in the past, tended to lean more towards transitional / traditional. We will be in Sarasota in 2017 to offer unique design solutions in this ever-changing and growing market. 

3) Space: The average Sarasota home is about 1,374 square feet based on the current market trends indicated on Trulia. That being said, the average Miami Beach home is about 776 square feet. Talk about getting more of a bang for your buck! With the increased space, Sarasota interior design will have "more room to grow." Our forte in the Miami interior design market is small spaces - we love designing condos and we love coming up with creative solutions to make small spaces multi-functional and simultaneously, aesthetically appealing. In the Sarasota interior design market, we will have room to incorporate some much larger pieces in heavier woods and darker colors because the spaces will be able to handle and will need the weight.