The kids are heading back to school so now you have time to reflect on the summer’s events and what you are going to do with the kid’s rooms while you have the time… a huge undertaking.  It is a domino effect that changes everything.   Someone’s got to do it and Exclusively to Design is here to help!

Here are some of our tips:

  • When designing your first nursery, select items that you and your kid can grow with.  A dresser with ample storage and stylish comfy chairs are pieces that you will have as long as your kid is at home.  Creative storage solutions go a long way especially if it is behind closed doors!


  • What will the room be after 2 years?  Built-in bookcases and cabinets create function at all ages.  Selecting seating that may not be a typical rocker or glider will be useful in any other room in the house.


  • Use the height of your room.  Building up the wall with shelves and cubbies create organization, multi function and decorative accents on a wall.


  • Pattern and Color is the most important element of a room.  Used properly, pattern creates the movement while color creates the mood.  Each room should have one item that has a pattern while accent pop color and smaller patterns accent it.


  • A shared“Jack and Jill” bedroom has its challenges but there are ways to satisfy both of them.  Start with a neutral base.   Pick a favorite color from each kid and select patterns in those colors.  Create a seating lounge that has items that they both like.  Double beds, not twin beds. 


To all of our parents and families out there, we are offering a free design consultation as a back-to-school special before the chaos begins.