Do you want an interior designer Miami to revamp your home interior? In fact, modern homes need some simple tricks to transform them from ordinary to extraordinary. Any home decorator Miami would agree to this idea!So, here you go with 10 simple tricks for transforming your home:

1.     Light Soft Paints

The light colors reflect light and keep the interior illuminated. Our experienced home decorator Miami suggests using soft colors for a great interior. You can find more suggestions here.

2.     Mirrors

Mirrors can be framed in a hundred different styles to create certain effects. You may have seen window framed mirrors which give a false impression of windows.

3.     Transparent or White Furniture

This trick from an interior designer Miami is very popular. Use transparent or white furniture to create an impression of a wide interior.

4.     Plants

This is the most favorite trick of every home decorator Miami. Grow a collection of indoor plants and enjoy a lovely interior!

5.     Add a Chair

An accent chair at a corner is highly aesthetic. In fact, it has decorative functions beyond your imagination.

6.     Fairy Lights


Any interior designer Miamiwould never resist the idea of installing some fairy lights in your living room. They are just awesome!

7.     Blending Designs

Blend stripes with polka dots, flowers with plaid and so on. This is a crazy trick which looks gorgeous.

8.     Natural Object

Slip in your living room any natural object like a wicker basket, a pure wood stature, a straw ornate, etc.

9.     Creative Décor

According to our modern home decorator Miami, go creative and use your bangles, floral scarves, beads, colorful handbags,etc as decor objects.

10.    Accent Corner

Use paint or wallpaper to create an accent corner. This will be a gorgeous focal point in your home!