As 2016 comes to a close its typical to reflect.

In design, Exclusively to Design has seen a celebration of sameness throughout the years.  Whether it is the over-use of the ‘white and chrome’ schematic, the re-gurgitation of the classic Barcelona Chair or our dependence on Mongolian lamb pillows to make a room “cool”, trends become mundane and overdone.   

While it is natural to want some of the latest trends, it is also important to ensure that your design choices are relevant for years to come while keeping true to your authentic personal style!

Exclusively to Design understands not only the importance of giving our valued clients insight to the latest trends but provides professional expertise in how those diverse elements work together in their space.  Our interior designs set their home apart from their neighbors and friends because we specialize in creative solutions that are not only practical but enhance our client’s unique taste and style.  

Remember, it is not about keeping up with the Jones’s…who cares about them and who are they anyway?

It is about how your home uniquely represents you!  It is about how your home makes you feel.  From color to the placement of your beloved objects with more timely items, to the way your space flows, Exclusively to Design goes beyond what is typical with your lifestyle in mind…